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Quick Review: The Body Shop Papaya Body Butter
I picked up a The Body Shop body butter recently when the bf did a haul there - he loves their Tea Tree Oil series because it works well with his oily skin. I kind of just dropped this into the basket and so actually got it for free. :D I find the prices for the body butters and various body products to be ridiculously high without their regular sales, so I rarely shop there. This was actually pretty cheap - I think it was a purchase with purchase, less than S$10 with purchase of $50 on regular items. This was some time ago though, so I doubt that the sale is still available.

Product Description on Website:
An intensive, creamy all-over body moisturizer. It absorbs into the skin easily, helping to condition, soften and smooth the skin providing up to 24 hours non-stop moisturization.

First of all, I adore the scent. It's so amazing! It smells just like fresh papaya and I wish they had a perfume in this scent. My bf never fails to say that I smell great whenever I have this on. I even love smelling myself after putting this on. :P

In terms of texture, it's very thick and you'll have to kind of dig your finger in it in order to get some product out but it does get a lot creamier as you rub it in. I like to place some between my palms, rub them together, before spreading them out on the rest of my body. For such a thick cream, it is surprisingly not greasy at all! After rubbing it in, it sort of just melts into the skin, leaving it nice and smooth and smelling fantastic. I find that this works wonders for my usually very dry and scaly legs.

Love. If it wasn't so expensive to buy it on its own, I would be stockpiling it.


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