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Review: Revlon PhotoReady™ Cream Blush in Flushed
I recently found the Revlon Photoready Cream Blush quietly springing up in various Watson with a sale sign on it and picked up one out of the three available for S$19.90. I haven't seen any promotional stands for this which I am actually quite surprised about so I am not sure if its a permanent product or not.

Claims from website:

  • Creamy blush provides buildable, beautiful flush of color

  • Lightweight formula with silky soft feel on skin

  • Blends evenly over cheeks for smooth application

  • Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to provide cheeks with a beautiful glow

The cream blush comes in a flat round pot that opens by unscrewing the top lid. It contains 12.4g of product. I'm annoyed that the sticker is so off-center but otherwise the packaging is actually quite light weight and nice.

I bought mine in the shade Flushed, which looks really quite scary in the pot but isn't actually that pigmented on the face. In the heavy finger swatch below (on the right), it looks fuschia but when blended out it actually translates to a really soft pink (on the left). I believe it can be built up to a stronger colour for people with darker skin, but I am fairly pale so I just do one light layer and blend it in really well.

I find the easiest way to apply is with a stipple brush - I use the Real Techniques Stipple Brush, and it blends out nicely. I am not a fan of using finger tips to tap it in as I find that all it does is push the product around my face rather than really blending it in. For this product, I find that if I use my fingers, more product gets onto my fingers than my face and it tends to be more pigmented where my fingers last touched. I don't particularly like having a pink finger mark on my face so I think the best bet is with a stipple brush.

In terms of texture, I think it's really light weight, non greasy, non sticky and actually dries down to a "powdery" and very smooth feel. It looks very natural, just like a natural flush. I have very dry skin and this product doesn't actually last that long on me, there's nothing left on my cheeks past the 6hours mark - so I suspect the lasting power will be even less for people with oily skin.

In all, I actually really like this. For a cream blush, I love that it's easily blended out to a soft natural pink and the fact that it dries down so well that I don't really need to set it with another powder like some other cream products. I don't mind the short lasting power as I tend not to use cream powders during the longer work days as they require more work. On weekends, I just want to look really naturally pretty for about half the day that I'm hanging out and this ticks the box. If you're like me, then you might want to give this a go as well. :)


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